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The alternative for your horse


Throughout recent years our search for a real alternative to the traditional form of horse hoof protection has been untiring.

The technique of natural hoof balancing of unshod methods or (Barefoot) was a great inspiration for us which demonstrated a very tangible improvement in the extremities and general well-being of the animals in a very short time.

The necessity of protection regarding the wear of the hooves subjected to intensive use on abrasive and hard surfaces has become a priority for us.

Our experience with horseriders and long-endurance horse trainers has contributed to a more intensive vision in the question of design, testing and types of materials.

We have a new "work tool" tested in extreme conditions, tried in different competitive levels and manufactured using the latest materials with an elevated wear resistance. This permits all users to optimize the total potential of their horses from the first moment.

Our models contribute to less weight, more comfort , are environmentally friendly and are conducive to the biomechanics of the animal.

Lightweight: 200 gr.

Comfort: Totally ergonomic and adaptable

Considerations:  Manufactured with recyclable materials, flexibility to adapt  not only to the hoof, but also to irregularities in the terrain.

We can say that the wait has been worth the effort and we hope that equestrian people and the horses can enjoy this development.

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