Business philosophy

1.- Provide our customers with a tool that will forever change the traditional concept, which has no reason for being in the times in which we live.

2.- Favor animal welfare, a rising value in today's society.

Both the "Competition" shoe as "Trainer" boot are intended equally to both competition and leisure. We can therefore say that the end user is the horse.  

Shoe Floting, SL

Shoe Floting S. L. has a last generation product, tested in high level competitions with very satisfactory results which makes us place a step above the competition and that certainly adapts fully to the demand and needs of the sector.
Our experience over the years in the equestrian sector has made possible the birth of Floating Boots. We have been users of traditional techniques to its ultimate consequences, with very different results and conclusions unanimously backed in many cases by radiological studies were leading us to seek, test, design a product that was created with the objective of covering an existing need.